Award System

1. Policy for earned points

The system of earned points is created as an award to the dedication of our members in our firm, and offers discounts to the prices of products, according to the points redeemed every time. A member wins points from every purchase he / she makes in our online store at a ratio of 1 to 1. More specifically, for every euro spent on a product, you win a point. Therefore, buying an item worth 50 euros will offer you 50 points.

Attention: A member' s winning points depend on the true value of the product after deducting any possible discounts that occure at the time of the order, and without adding shipping costs and gift wrapping.


Member Price: 50€

Discount (due to sales): -10€

Coupon Discount: -5€

Subtotal: 35€

Shipping costs: 4€

Gift wrapping: 4€

Total Cost: 43€

The points earned in the above example would be 35.

The lifetime of these points is one year from the date that the order was made, in which time the member has to redeem them, otherwise the points will be deleted from the system and are lost forever. Every member can see his / her earned points in the page "my points" in the members' menu (MembersMenu.png). In this page you can view the order number of each point, when they were earned, their expire date, and even the number of points available per order.

Attention: Highlighted in gray color are all points that have expired and are deleted from the system. MATIS cannot be held responsible for points that have been deleted, nor can restore them.

A member can reedem his / her  points inside the shopping basket, before paying for the order. The more points you earn the greater yourdiscount will be.  In case of redemption of points, with an amount that exceeds the market price of the product, the system will automatically credit back to the customer the rest of the points in the same proportion of the redemption package that was originally chosen!

Attention: Only members can earn points and only if the purchase of a product is done by login in to their account before paying it. MATIS assumes no responsibility for purchases that were made by members, without prior loging in to their accounts and neither can add their winning points after their payment.

Attention: Earned points from products that have been returned with money return will be cancelled!

Attention: Earned points redemption happens only to orders with credit balance.

Attention: Points earned, are added to the account of a member, after collecting his / her order and not at the time that the order is placed. This means that if an order is not collected by the buyer, then the points that are applied to the specific order is lost.

Attention: Earned points CANNOT be redeemed during sales periods.

Each of our members is capable to redeem his / her earned points in each of the categories below. The higher redemption of points means, greater discounts benefits!

60 1 €
300 5 €
550 10 €
850 15 €
1400 25 €
3200 55 €
5900 100 €
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