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Our members program is an entierly different program compared to the one held at our physical stores and cannot be combined in any way.

1. Why do i have to become a member? (Member' s Benefits)
  • By signing up as a member, you automatically take part in our contests and you can win one of our special gifts.
  • You will be  the first to be informed about our offers, sales, contests and all our new products that are available online.
  • You will get a fixed discount of 10% for all our products, except those that are at the offers category!
  • You will collect points from every purchase you make, which you can redeem in the future for greater discounts or even for absolutely free products, if your collected points are enougph!
  • You will receive e-mails with discount vouchers of various percentages that you can use at any time in our eshop or in any store of MATIS' s network around Greece.
  • You will have access to your purchases' history at any time, and check the overall totall of your orders or even any order by date placed.
  • You will be allowed to add as many shipping addresses as you want in your address book, which can be used to autofill your order deyails later on, saving you by all tha fass of retyping them!
  • You will always have access to your account data which can be altered as many times as you feel like!
  • You will be informed at any time for your winning points, but most of all, for those that expire soon!
  • You will be able to add products to your wishlist, and acess them at any time. Even more, if an item is on your wishlist and is sold out you will be notified automatically at your email when it becomes available again. That way you will never miss an article that you like most!


And that’s only the beginning! More βενεφιτσ are already in process and will be announced in this page for our members. So don’t miss the chance... Register now and you will be the only one that will be rewarded!

There are two ways for you to become a member. Both ways are very simple and fast. Just follow our instructions below and you wil be ready in a few minutes to start your online shopping.

1st Way

  1. At the upper left side of our home page you will see written the phrase “-10 FOR MEMBERS register now”. Click on the phrase to continue...
  2. In the new page fill in all the mandatory fields (mandatory fields feature the symbol *) and click on "Register" for your data to be saved. Having done that, a confirmatory email will be sent to you with your info and password. In case that you don’t receive any email within 5 minutes, please check your junk email list. (ATTENTION: All form fields should be completed with your true data since they will be used automatically from our system for the delivery of your orders).
  3. After your registration, find at the upper right side of your screen the MembersMenu.pngsymbol, click on it and then, at the pop-up menu click “Sing in”.
  4. At the new form that appears, fill in your email and password that you have chosen during the registration process. Attention: While singing in, your data should be exactly the same with those during your registration process as the system is case sensitive, and it will not allow you to access your account.
  5. That’s it... Our members prices are active so that you can start your shopping!

2nd Way

  1. At the upper right side of our home page you will see this MembersMenu.pngsymbol. Click on the arrow next to it, so that a new pop-up menu will appear. Then click on the "Create Account" phrase.
  2. Follow the steps 4 & 5 exactly as they were described on the 1st Way.

ATTENTION: You should always sign in to your account when visiting our e-shop to get the - 10% discount that is valid for our members.

  1. To log in to your account, click on the MembersMenu.png symbol and when the pop-up menu appears, click on the indication “Sign in”.
  2. On the new page that will appear fill in the email and password that you had chosen during your registration process. Now you are ready to start your shopping experience and have the -10% discount, that is valid for our members.

Attention: Our members' discount is NOT valid for products on sale.


In case you forgot your password, follow the steps below to create a new one:

  1. At the upper right side of your screen, click on the MembersMenu.png symbol and at the pop-up menu click on the indication “Forgot your password?”.
  2. Fill in the form field with the email that you had chosen during your registration process and automatically an email will be sent to you.
  3. Click on the email’s link and you will be automatically transferred to our eshop, to a new page where you will be asked to insert and validate a new password.
  4. Fill in the new password in the first field and confirm it to the one below it. Click on the word “Submit”.
  5. The system automatically stores your new password, and transfers you to our home page as a member of our eshop, where you can shop online with the special shopping prices that are valid for our members.


ATTENTION: In case you don’t receive an email with the link to reset your password immediately (within 5 minutes), please check your junk email folder.

After signing in to our eshop as a member, you can manage at any time your private data, your orders and all the rest of the information concerning your account. But lets see, each one of the choices you have, in more detail below.

  • My Account

This page is an overall review of all the information that will be described in more detail below. Neverteless, the user can alter any details from here too!

  • My Information

In this page our members can change the basic data of their accounts, such as their name / surname, email and phone number.

  • Address Book

In here, our members can save all the shipping addresses in which they may receive their orders in the future. In this way, when ordering, they don' t have to retype all the information all over again, instead they only have to choose the shipping address they will receive their parcel from a drop down menu.

  • My Orders

In this page a member can see all the orders that he/she made in our eshop from the day he/she registered.

  • My Wish List

While checking our products you have the option to add a specific item to your favorites. This can be done by entering a product’s profile and clicking on the phrase "Add to Favorites". The system will then save it in this page, so that it will be visible to you even when it will be sold out. Even more, you will be informed by email when this product will become available again. That way you never miss any of your favorite items, and you can order them any time without having to search them in our online store again.

  • Change Password

If you forget your password or for any other reason you want to change it, this is the page where you can do it.

  • My Bonus Points

In his page you are informed for the points you have won from your previous orders, and their exchange value in euros. See more about the Bonus Points programme here.

  • My Account Data

From within this page, every member can see all the personal details that we have collected from him / her.

  • Delete My Account

Each memebr has the right to delete his/her account together with every other detail we hold for him/her. Please pay attention: ΤΗΙS ACTION CANNOT BE REVERSED and you will loose all your data, together with any possible credited amount that you have in our eshop.

  • Sign Out

If you share a computer with other people during your visit to our online store, before exiting click on "Sign Out". That way all your data will be kept secure from third parties!


All the above options are displayed by clicking the MembersMenu.pngsymbol

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