Returns policy

Matis company offers to its customers, that are not entierly satisfied by the product purchased, the following ways for money refunds (THE FOLLOWING RULES UPPLY ONLY TO PURCHASES MADE WITHIN GREECE):

1. We can credit your online account at our Online store. After receiving your return, the amount paid will be automatically credited to your registered account. This way the credited amount can be deducted on your next purchase from the cost of the new item. Even if your new purchase is less than your credited balance, the difference will be credited back to your account

Attention: This way of refund is only available to registered users!

2. We can refund your money directly to your bank account. Matis guarantees the refund of any item (except if otherwise stated at the categoryt of the product), when requested, as far as the returned product is in perfect condition and delivered back to us within 30 days from the day of receipt. The refund will be credited directly to your bank acount (for that reason, you will be asked for your account number and the name under whome this account is entitled) within 15 working days from the day we have actually received your return. Attention: From the total amount refunded we always deduct 4 euros for the transportation costs of the product.
Attention: Whenever a delivery is not possible because of the customer's refusal (for example when a customer is unwilling to pay possible duty charges added by his country), refunds can only be issued for the remaining amount of the initial order after the delivery costs have been deducted.
Attention: Products bought from the category "SALES" can only be changed as size and not with another product, nor can be refunded or credited to your account.
For orders delivered in any country around the world (EXCEPT GREECE) the following rules upply:
  1. Delivery costs are always paid by the customer except the cases described at the following link:
  2. Changes can take place as long as the new items requested are in stock.
  3. All delivery or return costs are paid by the customer.
  4. In case of money refund the entire amount is credited to the account outlined by you, if and only if, all transfer cost have been previously been paid by the customer. Otherwise, the transfer costs will be deducted from the amount to be credited.
  5. All money refunds, take place within 15 days from the day we collect your return.
  6. The company cannot be held viable for any customs or any other kind of fees that may aply from the destination country. All such fees must be covered by the customer.
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