Transactions Confidentiality

Confidentiality is considered obvious. The basic principles that are applied to conventional trades are valid for e-commerce as well. All information given from the customer to MATIS, owner of are confidential and we have taken all necessary measures to use them only when it is necessary and to the extend that is needed for our service. Some of the measures that are taken are the following:

  1. Only authorized employees have access to the information of the transaction and only when it is necessary, such as for the process of an order.
  2. MATIS company does not disclose customer’s information and transactions, unless there is a written authorization from the customer, or it is strictly required from a court of law or by the decision of any public authority.
  3. In case MATIS company uses third parties for hardware or software support it makes sure that the customers' information remain totally private.
  4. Customers can request any information held about them for correction, if they can document an error.
  5. For their own safety, customers should also manage all their data provided, as confidential and not disclosure any of them to third parties.
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